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New Video: Overview of the Godox AD400 and AD600 Pro

December 03, 20190 min read

We have just added our overview of the Godox AD400 Pro and AD600 Pro battery powered studio lights. 

Remember: the Godox brand of lights are often re-labeled.  Adorama calls them "Flashpoint" and B&H Photo calls them "Wistro".  Our friends at Molights just call them Godox lights (logical, right?) which you can see here.

Current Master Lighting Course members can see our video buy logging in and navigating to The Studio Lighting Course, Module 6, Studio Lights.

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Bud Thorpe

Bud is a portrait artist, photographer, and educator with a gallery and studio in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He and his wife Kimberly Buccheri are the authors of The Master Lighting Course.

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