What is in the Master Lighting Course?

The Master Lighting Course is a membership that gets you access to all THREE of our complete lighting courses! Each course is carefully presented so you can find - and understand - what you need to know to create great images with confidence!

Is our course for you?

We wrote The Master Lighting Course for photographers who want to...

...master the art of controlled lighting. who want ...create wonderful images in the studio or outdoors.

... create what they see in their mind's eye.
... expand on their self-learning.

... harness our 18 years of teaching experience, and our 33 years of photography acumen in one well thought out program.

What is The Master Lighting Course

all about?

This course provides over 125 videos lessons on the art of studio and location lighting photography. The program is very well organized, with easily referenced lessons presented in an educationally-sound order. We don't over load you with jargon or ego - instead we show you everything you need to know. We don't leave out any details. We show you how and tell you why every step of the way.

The Master Lighting Course is divided into three major sections, and all three are included in your Membership!

The Studio Lighting Course

has over 90 video lessons to put you on your path to becoming a lighting master! Learn more here!

The Dog & Pet Lighting Course

has over 20 video lessons specifically for the studio pet photographer! Learn more here!

Join The Master Lighting Course!

Our course includes complete access to all three programs - The Studio Lighting Course, The Dog and Pet Lighting Course, and The Outdoor Lighting Course!

This is over 125 videos you can access RIGHT NOW,

to help you improve your lighting game RIGHT NOW.

Join our program to get the best in carefully-considered lighting education!

Cancel any time. Renews until cancelled.

Save yourself hours and weeks of headaches trying to figure studio lighting out on your own!

$48 per month

cancel anytime!

$480 per year

save two months!

$1459 once

for a Lifetime!

We transform photographers into lighting masters.

The Master Lighting Course is

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