About Bud and Kim

Bud Thorpe and Kim Buccheri are
full time photographers and educators based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA. They are the brains behind

Kimberly Sarah Photography where they specialize in fine art pet portraiture.

Both Bud and Kim are accomplished photographic educators equally at home in the studio or on location. Bud has been a working artist for over 33 years, and Kim, being a lady, does measure time in decades publicly.

In 2006, Bud founded SOPHA (The Studio of Photographic Arts), a 6,000 square foot rental studio and photographic center in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. SOPHA offered photographic programs to area photographers emphasizing hands on instruction and experiences.

As an educator, Bud has taught hundreds of workshops to thousands of photographers in the art and business of photography. He is a frequent guest speaker at leadership events such as the UNH Leadership Conference.

Together Kim and Bud operate The Dog Art Gallery by Kimberly Sarah, a gallery and studio space in downtown historic Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA.

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