Learn the best ways to add studio-quality lighting to your outdoor photo sessions!

This comprehensive program shows you the most effective lights and how to use them AND also shows you how to create fantastic images!

Our program provides detailed video lessons on the best techniques for working with studio lighting outdoors to teach you how to tame even the most challenging lighting scenes!

Learn lighting specifically for outdoors!

No random luck. No guessing.

Learn to use studio lights outdoors with confidence! Learn to bring your creative ideas to life! This course specifically addresses how to work with and properly light photographic subjects outdoors!

We have been teaching studio lighting for 18 years!

...and we have been using studio lights outdoors since the film era! When we had to use extension cords! We may feel like dinosaurs, but we have polished out methods for teaching photographers to use studio lighting outdoors with success!

Included as part of

The Master Lighting Course!

This course is third of three parts of the Master Lighting Course and specifically addresses how to work with studio lighting outdoors with confidence!

We include the ALL details!

We don't leave out the details - from the start to the finish we show you every step along the way.

If you are new to lighting outdoors or filling in gaps from self-learning, the detailed approach in our well-organized program will give you the tools to succeed on location with your full powered lights outdoors!

Here is the list of lessons in The Outdoor Lighting Course:

Over a dozen video lessons in total! Step-by-step instruction! Image reviews!

Lighting recipes! No detail is left out.


The order we do things

First - Composition

Understanding exposure

Determining your base exposure

Using a hood loupe outdoors

Natural Light

Making shade: the sun swatter

Adding Light

Setting up the light

Metering the light and adapting

The importance of reviewing your test image

Managing color

When the light fails to fire?

The Real Secret

Outdoor Lighting Case Studies

Nighttime outdoor portrait (with gels!)

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