The Dog and Pet Studio Lighting Course

Learn the best ways to create fantastic images in the studio of dogs and other pets!  This program provides detailed video lessons on the best practices and techniques for working with studio lighting specifically for dogs!

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Learn Lighting specifically for Pets!

No guessing.  No random luck.  No copying.  Learn to use studio lights confidently and effectively to help you bring your creative  ideas to life.  This course is an add-on to the Master Lighting Course and specifically addresses how to work with and properly light pets!

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No detail is left out.

We don't leave out the details - from planning your session and understanding the owner/pet relationship all the way to selecting and setting up your lights, we show you every step along the way.  If you are new or filling in gaps from self-learning, the detailed approach in our well-organized program will give you the tools to succeed in the studio photographing pets!

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Complete lessons in The Dog and Pet Studio Lighting Course

Nearly 30 video lessons in total! Step-by-step instruction! Image reviews! Lighting recipes! Downloads! No detail is left out.

Module 1 - Getting Ready
Welcome to the course
Meet your instructors
A word about safety
Lens selection
Why the tripod is king
Selecting studio lights

Module 2 - Your subjects
Session Planning
Learning about your subjects
Working with puppies
Working with senior dogs

Module 3 - Studio Preparation
Studio Preparation
Set design

Module 4 - Lighting for Dogs
Lighting humans vs. lighting dogs
Posing and Perspective
The low key black shot lighting recipe
The high key white shot lighting recipe
Main and big fill lighting recipe
The hard light art shot lighting recipe
Background gradient lighting recipe

Module 5 - Special Techniques
During the session
Color targets
Fast recycle time
Stopping motion
Creating for composites
Pocket Wizard Relay
Continuous lighting

Module 6 - Image Review

…and more!

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Whether you are new to studio lighting or looking to improve your skills and gain confidence, this course is your one-stop solution!


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