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Frequently Asked Questions

Membership in The Master Lighting Course includes access to all our courses on our website.  From studio work to location, to dogs and other pets - we have the content you are looking for!

As of this moment (Fall 2019), The Master Lighting Course has over 120 video lessons over two courses.  We are currently working on content for the Outdoor Lighting Course which will be released in phases in late 2019 and into 2020.

The course content is available for you on our website for as long as your are a Member of The Master Lighting Course.  You cannot download the videos, no.

You will have access to the lessons and videos for as long as you are a Member of The Master Lighting Course.

Not unless they are Members of The Master Lighting Course!  Only paid Members, logged into the course, can see the videos.  Our website detects password sharing and disables accounts automatically when instances are discovered.  

You get access to ALL the lessons!  You simply select your user name and password, log in, and off you go!  All the content is available to you instantly!

You just need your web browser (phone, tablet, or desktop), and internet access.  No special software is required.  

You just need a web browser!  Once logged in, you can easily see the lessons on your internet-connected phone, tablet, or laptop or desktop computer.  No special software is required.  

Short version: if you can watch youtube videos, you will have enough bandwidth to see our lessons.  Our lessons are video-based, so you will need at least a moderate internet speed.  The software running on our server will automatically push the videos to you at a resolution appropriate to your internet connection.  But if you have dial up (hello Alaska!), you probably won't have a great experience. 

This course starts at the beginning.  If you can make manual adjustments on your camera, you have the basic knowledge required to start.  The Master Lighting Course starts at the beginning, and works forward from there.  Folks with more experience can certainly skip ahead or fill in the gaps in their current knowledge base too!  Either way, we have your back!

Notifications are emailed when we push out a big update.  We also post on our facebook group and on our blog as well.  We have a large social media foot print - you won't miss updates, trust us!

We do NOT 'drip' content.  Once you are paid and logged into the site, all the content is there and available to you.  Instantly.  Bam!

While our course does start at the beginning, we go all the way through (and waaaay past) four light set ups.  We are willing to wager that every photographer, regardless of level, will find valuable information and content in our course.  At the minimum, even for an experienced studio photographer, we know you will find new ways of thinking about the new material.  All of our lessons are actionable: they learn to real world applications.  

Yes!  While we are based in the USA, and conduct the program in English, we know a number of our Members are from other parts of the globe!  Welcome!  Really, where you are sitting on this big ball of rock we call Earth doesn't matter a bit.  If we stretch, the only downside we can think of is timezone.  If we run a facebook live event, it might be at an inconvenient time for you.  No worries - we record them all and make them available for viewing later.  Easy!

Our current Membership pricing is listed on the Pricing page.  We offer monthly, yearly, and Lifetime Access plans.  Pricing page.

We use PayPal as our payment gateway.  We have more than a decade of experience with PayPal with thousands of transactions with out any speed bumps.  You do NOT have to have a PayPal account, and you can use most any credit card you like.  If you do have a PayPal account you can also pay directly though your account there, or link a bank, and more.  Questions?  Let us know!

Yes.  Our website is secure, and of course, PayPal is pretty darn secure too.  

Yes.  Yes you can. But we are pretty sure you won't want to!

Monthly Members:  your Membership renews, and you are billed, every month.  But you can cancel at anytime - just email us.  Your access ends when you cancel.

Yearly Members: Your Membership renews, and you are billed, every year.  You can cancel at anytime - just email us.  Your access ends when you cancel.

Lifetime Access: Your membership ends when you die.  So here is to a long, healthy, happy life!

Note that we do not offer refunds or trial periods.  


We do not offer refunds.  Please carefully review the course outlines to make sure our lessons align with your needs before signing up for a Membership.  We are certain that you will find more than enough content to return on your investment.  If you are unsure, please email us.  

You can contact us for one-on-one Coach in person or by video call (Zoom or Facebook Video).  You can find out more about our Coaching here.

Yes!  We regularly attend and teach at many local and national conferences.  Please see the Opportunities page for the latest information.

You certainly can!  Email us or read more about our Public Speaking here or about our Hosting opportunities here.

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