The Studio Lighting Course

This program was fifteen years in the making, taking all our experience teaching photographers studio lighting in the most efficient and easy to understand way possible! No detail is left out in this comprehensive program spanning over 90 video lessons. We mean it when we say we create lighting masters!

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"Bud's Studio Lighting Course was a game changer for me. I highly recommend it for anyone new to studio lighting!"

Laura Mower
Elle J. Portrait Photography

We have been teaching studio lighting for 15 years!

We have been teaching photographers the art of studio lighting for over 15 years in our purpose-built training studio in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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Learn Studio Lighting - the right way!

No guessing.  No random luck.  No copying.  Learn to see what studio lights can do for you and learn how to bring your creative ideas to life.  This course is the resource you have been looking for!

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No detail is left out.

We don't leave out the details - from the start to the finish we show you every step along the way.  If you are new or filling in gaps from self-learning, the detailed approach in our well-organized program will give you the tools to succeed in the studio!

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Carefully written lighting diagrams.

We give you solid lighting 'recipes' to learn to apply your new skills.  And it is more than just a diagram - the accompanying video carefully describes all the details of each set up!

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Complete lessons in The Master Lighting Course

Over 80 video lessons in total! Step-by-step instruction! Image reviews! Lighting recipes! Downloads! No detail is left out.

Module 1 - Getting Ready

Welcome to the course
About Your Instructor
A word about safety

Equipment selection
Equipment you will need
Which gear you should buy
Where to buy your gear
The true cost of equipment
Comparing studio lighting brands

Getting your studio ready
Camera set up
Mirrorless camera users
Setting up your studio space
Tripods and Camera Stands
Performing an ambient light check
Light stands

Module 2 - The Main Light

Introduction to your studio light
Studio Lights: Basic Features
Understanding strobe power
Understanding modeling lights

Getting your light to fire
Radio transmitters and receivers
Understanding synchronization

Creating your first studio image
Adding a soft light modifier
Positioning your main light
Metering your main light
Getting your subject in position
Reviewing your image
Varying the position of the Main Light

Reviewing one light images

Module 3 - The Fill Light

Adding Fill Light
Understanding fill light
Comparing Main and Fill Light
Understanding main and fill ratios
Seeing main and fill ratios
Adding and metering a fill light
Thinking in f/stops
Using a reflector as fill

Hard vs. Soft light
Seeing hard and soft light
Comparing soft modifiers
Comparing hard modifiers

Reviewing main and fill images

Module 4 - Accent Lights

Placing Lights High and Low
Getting lights low
Boom Arms

Restricting where light falls
Reflectors with grids
Snoots and Barn doors
Softboxes with fabric grids
Flags and V-Flats

Separating the subject
from the background
Hair and Edge Lights
Adding and metering an edge light
Correcting lens flare
Background Lights
Adding and metering a background light

Managing Color
Understanding White Balance
Custom White Balance and Color Targets

Reviewing accent light images

Module 5 - Inspiration and Lighting Recipes

Sources of Inspiration

Lighting Recipes
The Classic Four Light Portrait
Using Main, Fill, Edge and Background to a timeless effect.
The 1-2-3 Main Edge Portrait
Moodier portrait with more shadows and more punch.
The Classic Rembrandt
You can’t go wrong with this classic lighting pattern.
The PPA Classic
One of the most common lighting pattern featuring one giant light.
The Clamshell Portrait
Edgy beauty style look often called ‘butterfly’.

Module 6 - Getting Specific

Gemini GM400RX, GM750Pro
Genesis 200
Pulsar Transmitter
LiteLink Transceiver

D-Lite 4, Style RX600
EL-Skyport Transceiver

Badger Unleashed
S1 and S1 Transmitter

Paul Buff
Alien Bee, DigiBee, Einstein
White Lighting X1600, X3200 

B1, B1X, B10, D2
Air Remote, Air Remote TTL

Pocket Wizard
Plus II, III, IV, X Transceivers 

L358, L478 Flash Meters

...with more coming!

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This is over 120 videos you can access RIGHT NOW, to help you improve your lighting game RIGHT NOW. More videos are in production! Join our program to get the best in carefully-considered lighting education! We offer Monthly, Yearly, and Lifetime Access payment options!




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