Join our Image Review!

Submit your image for a constructive critique! The Master Lighting Course will hold a monthly critique of selected images. While we can't review every image submitted, we can sure try! Read below to find out all the details!


The details!

We want to provide a super-useful image critique and review, so please read these details fully!

To participate you need to submit two files to us.

The first is the image you would like us to create. 

  • It MUST be using a studio light in some say.  The light could be a strobe, a speedlight, or a continuous light like an LED or such.  Natural light images aren't our jam, sorry!
  • It must be a JPG file.  
  • The file should be at least 2000 pixels on the long edge.  Smaller files simply won't look good in video.
  • Your file should have your name in its title.  Example: BudsAwesomeImage.JPG.  This is so we give you the right credit during the video.  
  • You are welcome to put your watermark on the image, just don't put it over any important bits so we can give a proper review.  

The second file is a lighting diagram.

  • This can be very casual.  We recommend using a sharpie and a piece of paper to sketch out how you created your image.
  • Your diagram should include, at a minimum, the subject, the lighting, and the camera position.  Add anything extra you like.  
  • A camera phone image of this diagram is all you need - as long as it is clear!

The deadline for submission is the first day of the month for that month's review.  


Your Reviewers

Bud and Kim will use their decades of experience in studio lighting and portraiture to review images selected from each month's submissions.   

The fine print:

By submitting image(s), you allow us to use those images in the review video which will be posted inside The Master Lighting Course, inside our facebook group, and (perhaps) to YouTube as well.  You also give us permission to re-post your image and diagram inside our facebook group for further discussion.  We won't use your image in any other way and claim no copyright over it other than to use the images in this very limited way.  Your image is safe with us.  Honest.

Submit your image today!

Please attach two files: your image for review and a lighting diagram. All the details are above! Click the link and attach them in an email. Easy as pie! (mmmm.... pie!)


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