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Our New On Ramp Program

Learn Studio Lighting. Now.

You have wanted to learn studio lighting. Now is the time. Will you be joining us?









Is this you?

- You have always wanted to learn studio lighting.
- You own a studio light now (or are getting one soon).
- You suddenly find yourself with a whole bunch of spare time.

Boy, do we have something for you.

Starting April 2nd,

we are running a four week

"On Ramp" program

for participants in

the Master Lighting Course.

and it is going to be awesome!

Here is the deal.

The Master Lighting Course was always designed to be a stand alone educational program.  You watch the videos and then go practice what you see.  It is a bit like  paint by numbers, but with more wit and a bunch more critical thinking.  

But it turns out some people need more ... love.  Some folks want a nudge.  A kick in the pants.  Encouragement.  Participation.  Someone to put bumpers on the edges of your lane so your bowling ball won't go in the gutter.   

That is what our On Ramp Program is all about.

Our On Ramp Program guides you through

The Master Lighting Course.

The On Ramp Program adds a weekly structure to the already awesome Master Lighting Course. 

Each week we will have TWO live facebook video sessions as a group.  In each session we will review the material from the last session, set up the material moving forward, add in some context and special thoughts, and answer your questions. 

Using these facebook live sessions in this way will give you an unprecedented way to interact with your instructor and propel your understanding of studio lighting forward. 

In short, we can get specific to your situation fast.


Answer all your questions here:

To join the On Ramp, simply join The Master Lighting Course!

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