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Care and feeding of a Cyclorama (Part 1)

What is a cyclorama?

A cyclorama is a studio set which features a curve (or cove) between the floor and the back wall. In the real world, this is typically made by bending thin plywood to form the curve, but on movie and TV sets the cove is formed using fiberglass or plastic preformed panels. The plywood option is popular because of cost (a few hundred dollars) while the preformed panels are best described as "spendy" (read $10K plus).

How do you pronounce "cyc"?

Cyclorama is a cumbersome word, and being lazy, we abbreviate it. In New Hampshire, "cyc" is pronounced "sick", but in any other place it is pronounced "psych" (like "psychiatry"). 


SOPHA's cyclorama

We have had many cycloramas here at SOPHA in Manchester, New Hampshire, but our current one is in Studio A.  It measures 12' wide and is 10' tall. It extends about 14' out onto the floor.

How did we build our cyc wall?

We used luan plywood (a hardwood plywood about 1/4" thick) and simply bent it to shape....

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