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Why we chose the Profoto D2

profoto d2 Dec 22, 2019

We were asked by a photographer friend why we chose the Profoto D2 over so many other lights.  And I think what this photographer was really asking was - 'Why did you pick it over so many other less-expensive studio lights?"

The answer is simple, and oh-so-complex.  

We love the Profoto ecosystem of products.  They make good stuff.  Of course they aren't perfect - nothing is - but their products are as close to what we would design if we could. 

We were an early adopter of the Profoto B1, then the B2, and we are currently long-term testing B10s as well.  And while we love these battery-powered studio lights they have one painful drawback for our use case.

Kim and I are pet photographers. We are very-high end dog, cat, lamb, pig, what-ever-you-have pet photographers based in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA.  

The problem with all battery-powered lights is frame rate - specifically - recycle time.  Batteries simply can't recycle as fast...

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