Buying your first studio light? Check out our blog post!

Buying your first studio light!

Uncategorized Nov 25, 2020

What studio light should you buy?

This is a complicated question to answer without knowing your exact needs, but I can certainly make some generalizations. 

First question:  Are you going to need the light to work outside, away from AC wall power?  If you are, you will need a battery-powered strobe light.  The plus side is that you won’t have a power cord.  The downside is that batteries can run low and, in general, battery-powered lights have a slower recycle time between shots. 

For battery powered lights, you have two real-world options:

Option 1: Buy a Godox light.  They make three versions to consider – the AD300 Pro, the AD400 Pro, and the AD600 Pro.  For most people using reasonably size softboxes and shorter distances will appreciate the AD400 Pro for size, weight, and price.  If you really need small and light, look at the AD300 Pro.  For more oomph, the AD600 Pro.  I never recommend that AD200 for most...

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Case study added to the Outdoor Location Lighting Class

Uncategorized May 08, 2020


I just added a big Case Study to the Outdoor Location Lighting Class as part of the Master Lighting Course. 

This case study is about working outdoors with LOW ambient light levels.  We often have to blend light when working outdoors, and in this instance I have to blend very low ambient light that is creating interesting shadows on the wall behind the motorcycle.  

We also added in gels in certain variations of the image - and we speak about why we should never stop at the first right answer during a session.  Often the variations are awesome!

This lesson is LIVE now for Master Lighting Course members and can be found inside the Outdoor Location Lighting Course module, under "Case Studies".  More coming soon!

(Note - this was recorded in October 2019, well before the COVID19 pandemic and shows us working without following social distancing guidelines.  Again, this footage is PRE-COVID19!  Thank you for understanding!)




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The first half of the Outdoor Location Lighting class is live!

Uncategorized May 02, 2020

The first half of the new Outdoor Location Lighting class is now live on the site!

Members can access this material right now.  Just log in and get at it!

As always, let me know what you think!

Not a member?  Sign up now!

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The Hair of the Dog Summit is on sale right now.

hair of the dog Apr 10, 2020
As you might know, Kim and I gave a talk (video!) for the Hair of the Dog Summit on building a home based photo studio.
This talk was very well received.
Nicole Begley, who runs Hair of the Dog, has the videos, and the entire Summit, for sale right now. If you wanted to hear it, it won't ever be cheaper. This is material that Kim and I charge big bucks to learn in our one-on-one tutoring.
Yes, this is an affiliate link. Yes, we get a piece of the pie.
So if this is something you would like to learn, check it out and help our your local photo educators.
Stay healthy and safe out there folks!
Use this link:
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Featured Podcast: The Pet Photographer's Club (Kim)

pet photographers club Mar 28, 2020

Featured Podcast: The Pet Photographer's Club

In this Australian podcast, Kim is interviewed by Caitlyn and Kirstie  about Kimberly Sarah Photography and the high end customer service she provides her clients.  She talks about the business model she follows- that is, high service, high value, and low volume.  (Note: second half is for Pet Photographer's Club Members Only.)

You can find The Pet Photographers Club podcast here.

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Our new Studio Lighting On Ramp Program starts 4/2/2020

Uncategorized Mar 28, 2020

Is this you?

  • You have always wanted to learn studio lighting.
  • You own a studio light now (or are getting one soon).
  • You suddenly find yourself with a whole bunch of spare time.

Boy, do I have something for you.

Starting next Thursday, April 2nd, I am running a four week "On Ramp" program for participants in the Master Lighting Course.

The Master Lighting Course is not a small program. With over 120 videos on nearly every aspect of studio lighting (and even more coming), the program is as complete as one could be. And our conversion to a subscription model last year really made it accessible to many.
But I always wanted a way to guide folks into the program in a more directed way, and give folks even more ways to ask questions specific to their particular situation.
And that is the point of our new On Ramp Program. It gets folks started using The Master Lighting Course. Best of all: it is FREE when you sign up for the course. We start the On...
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Featured Podcast: The Hair of the Dog Podcast

Uncategorized Mar 04, 2020

If you would like to hear more about the exceptional client experiences that Kim and Bud give their photography clients, tune into the Hair of the Dog Podcast, Episode 2 with Nicole Begley.

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Featured Podcast: The Pet Photographer's Club (Bud)

pet photographers club Mar 04, 2020

In this podcast from The Pet Photographer's Club, listen in as Bud is interviewed by Australian photographers Caitlyn and Kirstie about the Master Lighting Course and how mastering studio lighting is an important part of our business model!  (Note: second half is for Pet Photographer's Club Members Only.)

You can find The Pet Photographers Club podcast here.

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Belinda Richards of Frog Dog Studios class at SOPHA!


Join us as we host Belinda Richards (Frog Dog Studios) as she conducts her Master Class on photo compositing for dog photographers. This two-day program will be held on April 24 and 25, 2020,

You can learn more about the program and sign up with Belinda at

If you want to update your studio lighting skills ahead of Belinda's class, we are hosting a special KickStart Studio Lighting class as a pre-con the day before - April 23rd, 2020.

This program will be modified from our usual class to better help dog photographers!

You can learn more about that class and sign up at,KSSL.

We hope we will see you there!

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New Video: The Perfect Export

lightroom photoshop Jan 14, 2020

We have just posted a new video for Members that we are certain you will find useful!  The Perfect Export: Aspect Ratios, Resolution, and Cropping.

While we can agree that this video doesn't exactly fit into the studio lighting world per se, it certainly is a subject any photographer wrestles with.  This is a subject I have taught often here at the studio, and one that is near and dear to my heart as we ran a boutique printing operation here years ago.

Members can find the video in The Studio Lighting Course in Module 7: Bonus Materials.



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