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Our new Studio Lighting On Ramp Program starts 4/2/2020

Uncategorized Mar 28, 2020

Is this you?

  • You have always wanted to learn studio lighting.
  • You own a studio light now (or are getting one soon).
  • You suddenly find yourself with a whole bunch of spare time.

Boy, do I have something for you.

Starting next Thursday, April 2nd, I am running a four week "On Ramp" program for participants in the Master Lighting Course.

The Master Lighting Course is not a small program. With over 120 videos on nearly every aspect of studio lighting (and even more coming), the program is as complete as one could be. And our conversion to a subscription model last year really made it accessible to many.
But I always wanted a way to guide folks into the program in a more directed way, and give folks even more ways to ask questions specific to their particular situation.
And that is the point of our new On Ramp Program. It gets folks started using The Master Lighting Course. Best of all: it is FREE when you sign up for the course. We start the On Ramp this Thursday, April 2nd.
So if you have been wanting to learn studio lighting, have a light (or are about to get one), and suddenly have time on your hands, we have the program for you. Really.
You can read all about the On Ramp at the link, or feel free to reach out to Kim and I. 

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