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Case study added to the Outdoor Location Lighting Class

Uncategorized May 08, 2020


I just added a big Case Study to the Outdoor Location Lighting Class as part of the Master Lighting Course. 

This case study is about working outdoors with LOW ambient light levels.  We often have to blend light when working outdoors, and in this instance I have to blend very low ambient light that is creating interesting shadows on the wall behind the motorcycle.  

We also added in gels in certain variations of the image - and we speak about why we should never stop at the first right answer during a session.  Often the variations are awesome!

This lesson is LIVE now for Master Lighting Course members and can be found inside the Outdoor Location Lighting Course module, under "Case Studies".  More coming soon!

(Note - this was recorded in October 2019, well before the COVID19 pandemic and shows us working without following social distancing guidelines.  Again, this footage is PRE-COVID19!  Thank you for understanding!)





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