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Your next shoot might need a few tennis balls.

Tennis balls. You might need a few tennis balls on your next location photo shoot.

Today I was shooting a set of interiors photos in a condo here in New Hampshire. It was a nice space and the floors were brand new.

As I was pulling out my light stand, I gave the floors a moment of thought. "Do I really want to be the first one to scratch this floor?" The answer is a giant "no."

I was using a fairly large continuous light - a KinoFlo Diva 401. Yes, I usually use strobe, but that is another post!

KinoFlo Diva 401 on a baby stand.  Notice the small black tennis balls on the feet to protect the floors.

And while the legs of the light stand has little plastic protectors - but I didn't think it would be enough. Enter the tennis balls.

By placing little tennis balls on the "foot" of each leg of the light stand, I know I wouldn't damage the floor.

If you have visited our studio (SOPHA) and been in our office, you probably used these little tennis balls and didn't even notice.

About a billion years ago when we moved into our space, we put in a social table in the middle of our office. To protect the floor from the stools sliding on the floor, we put miniature tennis balls on each leg.

Chair Slippers, size medium.

We use a product meant just for this purpose - they are Chair Slippers. Evidently they are meant to go on elementary school chairs. I imagine it keeps noise in the classroom down to a minimum.

Chair slippers come in a bunch of sizes and are slit on one end. We use the medium size in black. They cost about $1.25 each. If you are only buying a few the shipping probably won't make sense, but I am sure it is still a value. Or go buy a few tennis balls and a razor knife.

 A Chair Slipper tennis ball on the foot of a light stand.

 We hope you find this tip helpful!

- Bud Thorpe, The Master Lighting Course

Editor's Note: This is not a sponsored post.  We do not accept paid or promoted content.  We saw a problem and fixed it, and neither Chair Slippers nor the tennis ball cartel had anything to do with it.  This article first appeared in the SOPHA Blog on August 22, 2016.  It is reproduced here on our sister site because it is that darn useful!






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