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New Video: Advanced Exposure Class

exposure new video Dec 20, 2019

In December 2019, I gave a talk titled "Advanced Techniques in Exposure" to a local group in response to their questions about the popular "Expose to the Right" (ETTR) exposure strategy.  

ETTR is a contentious subject - the benefits may or may not make sense for you in your individual circumstance.  My point, ultimately, is that the more you understand your camera, exposure, and the options available to you, the better your chances of creating what you feel is a technically superior image.

This is a video created from a high-quality audio recording timed to the slides I was using/  There are a few simple edits to remove some of my tangents and side discussions. 

Members can find this video in The Studio Lighting Course, Module 7 - Bonus Materials.  

I am working on more of these "other" videos from some of my existing lectures.

I hope you find it helpful!






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