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Animal Image Makers Conference, Minneapolis, MN, USA









Join us at AIM 2020!

Join Bud and Kim at AIM 2020 - Animal Image Makers!  If making high quality images of pets is something you do, or aspire to do, you will want to be at AIM in 2020!

This conference has the  experience of a full-sized event, with the familiarity and camaraderie that only a mid-sized event like this can make happen.  Capped at just 250 participants, this event is truly a pinnacle event for those in the pet photography world!


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We are presenting TWICE!

In 2020 we are presenting TWICE!

First - we are presenting the full day hands-on studio lighting pre-con.  This event SOLD OUT in under an hour!  Be sure to get on the wait list!

Second - we are speaking in the general sessions at an exciting talk titled "High Ticket, Low Volume: Enjoy the benefits of the high-end customer experience."  

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AIM 2019

The Master Lighting Course was a vendor for the 2019 event and you can't keep us away in 2020. Kim spoke during a session about her volunteer photography with with area shelters and her work on her charity gallery show "Rescued".

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